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Bottle Drives are the best way to raise funds for any kind of youth activity. They are easy to plan (even at the last minute), fun for the kids (they actually have to do some of the work), quick to clean up, and best yet – INSTANT CASH ! Job Done – No Fuss – No Muss – No Worries!

This is not like other fund raisers where you have to sell something and keep hassling the same circle of victims. The public is very receptive to supporting youth by doating empty beverage containers – it doesn’t feel the same as peeling $$ out of your pocket.

Our experience is with little effort and organization 12-15 kids with 6 parents can raise $600 in about 4 hours, and with a little more effort it is very easy to exceed $1000.

Full Refunds Paid on all Containers including beer cans and beer bottles

Useful Hints for Bottle Drives

 Have extra cardboard boxes for loose beer, wine and spirit bottles. Plastic bags do not work well for glass wine and spirit bottles. DO NOT mix alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage containers.

 Focus on 6 main sorts; Pop cans, beer cans, plastic over 1L, plastic up to 1L, beer bottles, wine and spirit bottles (Plastic and glass wine and spirit bottles can be packed together just separated by size). These 6 sorts will represent +95% of what you will collect.

 Of the balance (juice boxes, gable top, pouches, bag-in-box and tin cans), combine in 1 bag. We will credit full bags at $10 each (i.e. 50 bottles @ 0.20, 200 @ 0.05).

 Use the small heavy bags for non-alcoholic glass drink bottles. IF you have a recycling Blue Box, this bag will line it perfectly and when it is full to the top edge of the bin, 9 times out of 10 there will be 50 bottles in it.

 The same with pop cans, beer cans, and large plastic bottles. When these bags are full to the line, and just bulging above the line when tied of, they will be within 2% of the correct count. Plastic up to 1L is actually very difficult to tie off with 150 bottles in it, so make sure they are bulging full. You don’t have to count every container if you follow this guideline.

 When we arrive we will load all glass items first. Starting with beer bottles, followed by wine bottles, then juice boxes. Then we will load large bags of aluminum and plastic.

 Please tie all bags twice tightly to prevent spillage.