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Eligable Refund Containers:

All “Ready to Drink” beverages sold in B.C. carry a deposit, except milk, milk substitutes, infant formulas, meal replacements and dietary supplements. This means all beverage containers made from metal, plastics, glass, paper or any combination thereof, will carry a deposit. This includes beer, pop, sports drinks, juice, water, designer beverages, wine and spirits.

 Container Deposit Amount
Aluminium Cans
Plastic 1 litre and less
Plastic over 1 litre 20¢
Glass 1 litre and less
Glass over 1 litre 20¢
Tin Cans 1 litre and less
Tin Cans over 1 litre 20¢
Bag-in-Box 20¢
Drink Box 1 litre and less
Gable Top 1 litre and less
Gable Top over 1 litre 20¢
Drink Pouch 1 litre and less
Beer Cans 10¢
Beer Bottles 10¢
Wine & Spirit 1 litre and less 10¢
Wine & Spirit over 1 litre 20¢

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